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Our amazing collection of Pendulums are hand-crafted in India by Harmonia. This Black Tourmaline Pendulum is a gorgeous + unique design. Rainbow Tourmaline is a stone for protection and healing. It protects against ill wishes, spells and malicious energies.

Here's the #411 on Pendulums and How to Use her.

Pendulums help you find the answer to all kinds of difficult questions. For this she works together with your subconscious mind. Pendulums are a simple, magickal tool that you can always carry with you. (Also, tourmaline is known for its cleansing and protective effect.)

How do you use a Pendulum?

First, before you even ask your question you need to clarify what the directional swings will be for "YES" ; "NO" and "MAYBE." Pendulums have three "swings." Vertical or horizontal straight line/s, and in circular movements. These movements can be front and back, clockwise, counter-clockwise, an elliptical movement, or side-by-side.

To Set the Directional Swings ask the pendulum to show you what her three responses look like.

For example, ask her:

>>> "What does YES look like?"

>>> "What does NO look like?"

When you ask these questions your pendulum will help define the directional swings. For example your pendulum may have given you:

>>> A vertical swing for YES.

>>> A horizontal swing for NO.

>>> A clockwise movement for MAYBE. Now you're ready to ask your question.

Remember, your question needs to be answered with a YES, NO, or MAYBE.

Here's are a few examples:

>>> Should I start my online business soon?

>>> Will I get the job I interviewed for this week?

>>> Is there a cat in my future?