Handcrafted Triquetra Insignia Leather Journal, Rune of Protection, Witchcraft, Grimoire, Spellwork, Witchy Journal, Celtic

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Handcrafted Triquetra Insignia Leather Journal for your personal journal, sketching, travel notes, dream notes, book of shadows, grimoire, spellwork. The paper in this journal is also handcrafted and amazing. Writing on this paper is a completely different experience than writing on bleached lined notebook paper. When you write your intention, spells or thoughts you feel like it is being absorbed into the universe. Also, when you read your words written on hand-crafted paper it's serious business! Triquetra means “triangle” or “three” (tri-) “cornered” (Quetrus). It is made up of three intersecting vesica Pisces. The Vesica Pisces is the shape created by the intersection of two congruent circles. A triquetra symbol is sometimes interlaced with a circle. An ancient Celtic symbol, the triquetra is considered one of the oldest dating back to as early as 500 BC when it was used to symbolize the triple goddess of maiden-mother-crone. The triquetra is often used to represent the 3 fundamental elements of air, water, and earth and the infinite cycle of life. It is also known as a Rune of Protection. ITEM DETAILS >>> Handcrafted Leather >>> Handcrafted Paper >>> Triquetra insignia >>> Brown >>> Latch closure >>> 7"L x 5"W