Witchy GOTH GIRL Solid Perfume, Solid Perfume, Perfume, Spellcraft, Witchy Wellbeing, Esoteric, Self Care, Floral Perfume

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Welcome to our GOTH GIRL Solid Perfume. Because I'm all about creating and sourcing magick workings that enhance, inspire and support your magick, your spellwork, your witchcraft, your manifesting...I've wanted (for quite awhile) to include perfume to what I offer you. And now (GOTH GIRL + WITCH) they're here!

Our GOTH GIRL Perfume is a smoky rose scent of days gone by.

Apply directly on skin.


  •  .57 oz. solid perfume
  • Lush floral scent
  • Screw top
  • Retractable
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan