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I'm obsessed with lavender. It's so amazing to use in spellwork (espciacilly in oil form) as well as for self care. My WitchyMade high-grade Lavender Magick Oil is a key tool for your magick + self care rituals.

For spellwork I use this oil for love spells, peace and healing. I also add several drops when I make moon water. For self care I use throughout the day. I apply to my hands and inside of my wrists and decollete. You canalso just breathe in the velvety scent whenever things get a little intense! It's also great to apply to the inside of your wrists, or apply a few drops to your pilow case, and inhale before going to bed for a good night's sleep. This oil is also good for healing cuts and not-so-fun skin flare-ups like eczema and psoriasis which have responded well to the anti-inflammatory properties of lavender oil. And, It's great to use as a natural alternative for healing bug bites.

What other benefits are there? I add a little directly to my cheeks before applying my moisturizer. Oh and it's amazingfor headaches! Again, I'll apply to the inside of my wrists and then inhale for several minutes to help ease tension headaches. I also will rubinto my temples.


  • Great value! This bottle lasts FOREVER!
  • Pure lavender oil + essential oils
  • Screw top
  • .5 oz