Witchy Ostara Tea and Latte Cup, Pagan, Pagan Calendar, Wicca, Witchy Home, Witch, Occult

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I've been thinking a lot about The Wheel of the Year, the eight festivals, or Sabbats, in the Wiccan + Pagan Calendar and I wanted to create a few things that could be traditional items and part of each Sabbat celebration. Also, I wanted to create what would be a Wheel of the Year Collection that you can add to or give as an amazing gift whether it's just one cup or the entire collection. So for the first item, this amazing tea and latte mug which is my absolute fave, I decided to create a collage graphic design for Ostara that incorporates the essence of this March 19th -23rd Sabbat. The is a super durable ceramic cup and the image is high quality sublimation.

For Wiccans + Pagans, Ostara is a holiday that celecrates the spring equinox, abundance, balance and renewal. For Wiccans + Pagans this is when the Goddess represents her Maiden aspect, fertility and rebirth. I wanted this image to embrace the tale that Ostara transformed a bird into a hare, and the hare responded by laying colored eggs for her festival.


>>> White ceramic
>>> 12oz (0.35 l)
>>> Rounded corners
>>> C-Handle
>>> Safe in microwave
>>> Safe in dishwasher